Struggling to make decision

Career related decision

Part 1 :(summary)

Since i left high school, i struggled to know what i really wanted to study due to my metric results and wanting to impress my mom, church member and relatives. And that made me to struggle to cope with one decision at a time- i always listened to what others say than to do what makes me feel happy. This has caused me to go through depression and develop anger towards myself.

Well there was a time in my life where i have decided to rebel against everything or everyone, from my mom to my former church members-slowly i began to find my life and begin living a life after high school.

it a was a hard thing to do, but it has benefited me a lot because i am currently doing my last year in journalism, something that i have always wanted to do.

Although this is not my last course, i still want to do more in the near future. Writing has been something that i enjoyed from my younger age, and i am glad that i have took a course me train to write better than before.

My husband supported me in this journey from the first time we met as boyfriend and girlfriend up to date.

Making decisions should be a big deal to anyone because this may delay you to succeed if you can’t make decision without relying on people.


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If I knew

One bird is a sign of sadness coming on the way,

Two birds are the signs of good luck

coming on the way.

Left eye tickling, right eye tickling;

its an omen of confirmation.

This is what i grew up experiencing.

It was a like spiritual communication between me

and the sender,

though ignorance overcame me along the way,

I forgot it.

It’s either I remain in the same situation or lose it.

This was the delay of mys success

I knew, I would have, I should have and I could have

just listened the omen and carefully read the signs on the sky.

This is my story of delay.

-Shirla Quote